Every Fire Drum first starts its journey as a washing machine, all of the fire drums are made from the stainless steel drums contained within.


We are contacted by the people of local communities and businesses who have an old washing machine that they would like to be taken away. Once notified of a washing machine to be collected, we will come and collect for Free and take that old, bulky, heavy eye sore of a washing machine to our work shed where the up cycling process can begin.


Once the washing machine is in our work shed the next process is to completely strip down the machine all the way down to the stainless steel drum. Each part including the washer shell, wiring, motor, glass door, concrete, nuts, bolts and plastic casing is carefully dismantled using certain techniques to ensure the drum is not damaged and can be the best quality possible.


You can be sure that you will never see the fire drums waste at the side of the road! We are proud to be a SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency)  registered business that ensures all waste is correctly disposed and/or recycled.   When you support us and get yourself or someone a Fire Drum, you are also doing your part to help the environment.

After all the waste has be correctly recycled at the local waste sites and scrap metal dealers, its time to build our Fire Drum. Each drum is categorised by its inside depth telling us if it will become a Classic or Daddy Fire Drum. The  Retro Fire Drum is the only one that is uniquely identified by its metal rudders on the inside of the drum.

We use different size steel angle iron for each fire drum type, which is cut to the correct length depending on which size drum being used. The steel legs are then given their unique style for the drum and professionally worked on to make sure they have the correct look and no sharp edges are left. The legs are positioned in the desired place on the drum, marked and the holes are drilled.

Once all the grinding and drilling is complete, the legs then move onto the painting process. The legs are cleaned, dried and placed on our specially designed painting table which also doubles as the curing oven. Then sprayed with Matt Black high heat paint for the Classic and Daddy Fire Drums and Silver high heat paint for the Retro Fire Drum. They are given 3 coats of paint and cured onto the metal using extremely high temperatures to ensure a quality, long lasting finish. Whilst the legs are cooking in the oven, the stainless steel drum from the washing machine is hand washed to get all that grime and nastiness off. Once finished, the drum looks clean and shiny ready for you to light a fire in!

The legs and drum still separate are transported back to our home address ready to be combined. Each leg is them bolted onto the drum through the holes previously drilled and securely fastened. The Fire Drum building process is now complete! 

Once you have selected your chosen Fire Drum and it has been built, you will receive first class customer service from start to finish. With clear communication on the stage and completion of your drum, you will be kept up to date and can ask us questions at any time. And after you receive your Fire drum, we are on hand if you have any queries or want any advice on all aspects of your Fire Drum including the fire lighting, storage and safety.  Aftercare is another fantastic aspect of our business that we take great pride in providing to all our customers.