Firewood Bags

Firewood Suitable for use in a Fire Drum or an indoor fire and with every 5 bags bought, you get a 6th FREE. The 3 types of bag we offer are:

 Starter Bags of Wood -

Including eco friendly fire lighters, kindling and hardwood logs

 Bag of Logs -

Bag filled with Hardwood logs only

 Bag of Kindling -

Bag filled with kindling pieces for starting your fires


Flame Colour Changers

Our colour changing packs change the colour of the flames for approximately an hour.

Really easy to use and a hit with kids or a cool party trick.

Colour changing packs can be used in your Fire Drum or your indoor fire 


Stainless Steel Skewers

Grab your marshmallows and get toasting with Fire Drums stainless steel skewers. These come in packs of 4 and included with the price is custom engraving (max 4 characters per skewer). Also great for BBQ cooking and can make a great unique gift!


Swedish Log Candle

Light and Watch! The Swedish Log Candle is a great alternative if you want a fire for a couple of hours without the hassle of stoking. The eco friendly firelighters inside the log making lighting it very simply and great for novice firestarters.


Cooking Grill

Complete your Fire Drum with the new Cooking Grill to really make your outdoor fire experience the best that it can be!

Made from Stainless Steel and 45cm in diameter, they will fit all fire drum types!