Meet The Team!

Daniel - " I'm Daniel and the founder of Fire Drums. My role is hand building every fire drum that is ordered and making sure its the best it can be.  I do most of the physical work, like the grinding and the buffing and the runs to recycling centres and

I also make sure everything is running smoothly like the deliveries, collections and the numbers all add up.

Andrea and I work amazingly as a team and it's fantastic to see the Fire Drums business grow with all the hard work we have put in."


Andrea - " I'm Andrea, my role in the business is mainly the cleaning of your drums and  wrapping them up once complete.

Although, I do my fair share in getting stuck into taking  the machines apart and recycling all the surplus parts.

Dan and I work great as a team and he's a great teacher  and has shown me the best tricks of the trade.

I'm also the engraver of your drums, I've had the honour to engrave some really personal and lovely things into some drums and really enjoy doing it."



The Girls  - Jodie's the eldest, she occasionally takes an interest and offers to help so she can be payed, and rightly so. Jodie also, through her own choice, wears one of our Fire Drum hoodies to school so can can promote us. 


Lexii is the youngest and she gets involved a lot. Sometimes its great, other times its not so great BUT they are the driving force and everything we do, we do for them.