The Classic Fire Drum is the ‘go to’ fire pit for any outdoor occasion and also our best seller.

Standing at roughly 45cm in height makes it great for camping, beach day or garden get togethers. The main body is stainless steel and weatherproof. The legs are steel and treated with black heat resistant paint.

Grab your marshmallows and gather around your own Fire Drum



The dimensions of the Classic Fire Drum are:

Height: 42-45cm

Diameter: 45cm

Drum depth: 27-32cm

The Retro Fire Drum is our alternative drum with curves in all the right places giving a very unique look compared with the Classic and Daddy Fire Drums. Standing at roughly 50cm tall with curved bottom legs that are finished with a silver heat resistant paint. The Retro Fire Drum is a great choice for someone looking for something a bit different and would make a fantastic gift


The dimensions of the Retro Fire Drum are:

Height: 50-52cm

Diameter: 45-48cm

Drum Depth: 25-35cm

Sold out

The Daddy Fire Drum

Sold out

The Daddy Fire Drum


The Daddy Fire Drum is our big burner for those who love to burn more! Standing at around 55-60cm in height with a deep capacity stainless steel drum! The legs are made up with thick steel and finished with a black heat resistant paint giving the Daddy a really beefy look.


The dimensions of the Daddy Fire Drum are:

Height : 55-60cm

Diameter: 45–49cm

Drum depth: 33-40cm


* The Daddy Firedrum comes dis assembled when ordered to be shipped via courier. - if being delivered locally it will come already assembled.